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BEAD NO. 41BEAD NO. 22 R LIGHTERBead no 20 v 2BEAD NO 31 v5 r lighter and added sat-1 AND MORE SATBEAD NO. 6BEAD NO. 14 no strokeBEAD NO. 11BEAD NO. 15 REV 2 V1 NIK 15BEAD NO. 5 removed stroke and ligherBEAD NO 9 rv2 add blue lighterBEAD NO. 1BEAD NO. 3BEAD NO. 12 removed stroke lighter col bal rtBEAD NO 38 LIGHTER WITH MORE VIBBEAD NO. 36 RV4 LIGHTERBEAD NO. 34 V4BEAD NO 29 V5 copyBEAD NO. 39BEAD NO 33 v2-1 r lighter and more vib rv2 lighter stillBEAD NO. 16 removed stroke ligher vv final