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DARKNESS NO. 9DARKNESS NO. 5 v2DARKNESS NO 2 best retouchedDARKNESS NO. 1DARKNESS NO. 2 awl reduced satDARKNESS NO. 3 V1 NIK 20DARKNESS NO. 6 V8 FINALDARKNESS NO. 7 c v11 v4DARKNESS NO 14 rev 1-REV 2DARKNESS NO 15 rev v5 b-v8DARKNESS NO. 16 ALT COL AND CURVES MINUS 40 SATDARKNESS NO. 11 v1 cv 11 v2 less satDARKNESS NO 17 cv 12 tweaked lighter with gradientLIGHT NO 5LIGHT NO. 17 version 3LIGHT NO 1 nik 25 v3 v2LIGHT NO 7 v3-v2_v4 final 20b-VERS 6LIGHT NO 9 v5 v2 v12-rev B- revised TLIGHT NO. 10 new version more red only version 2 les satLIGHT NO 3 v1 nik 25 v5-30