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BEAD NO 32 WITH STROKE LESS BLUEBEAD NO 33 RV4 LIGHTERBEAD NO 35 v4 r colors V2 lighter rv2 lighter stillBEAD NO. 4 less blueBEAD NO. 7BEAD NO. 8BEAD NO. 10 V2BEAD NO. 15 more less redBEAD NO. 23 FINAL LIGHTEST V2 R MORE SATBEAD NO. 23 vb1 v2 more satBEAD NO. 24 RV1 WITH STROKEBEAD NO. 25 more contrast less blueBEAD NO. 34 V2BEAD NO. 34 V3BEAD NO. 40 lighter and less sat no blue addedBEAD NO.24 RV1BEAD NO16 Final best with strokeBEAD NO20 RV 4 SLIGHTLY DARKER ORIGINAL VBEAD NO36 RV4 LIGHTER AND MORE VIB